I dedicated my life to raising my daughter, always working my ass, My daughter who is still young,My life seems different since I lost my wife Coronavirus . It opened up lots of time for me to dig deep and heal trauma I have a i've been awake on my journey to make me strong, I woke up it has been one test after the other. I'm finally learning how to have better boundaries with people. I find it extremely hard to meet or make friends with like-minded people , it seems as if they are always out of arms reach and drift out of my life.., ,My family but when I needed support, they basically stabbed me in the back because they didn't want to see me grow. They wanted me to stay at their level and so I had to walk away am from Columbus Georgia. It's really hard to make friends out here, I'm used to being isolated, but I would really love to make some lasting, meaningful, authentic friendships and find caring, loving whole people to fill the void in my social life.

Posted by Leins at 2024-03-25 23:32:37 UTC