Got the holiday blues? Feeling bored? Need to dodge the fam for an hour? Join our group on the Internet . Game platform and play multiplayer games with other BM1000 members! There's now 7 different games to choose from, including the Bill Murray Wordfind game. More bespoke games are coming down the pipe, so we hope you'll give these a try, (they make for excellent drinking games). Feel free to use the NFT Holders Voicechat Channel in the PV Discord to organize (or talk smack). We'll be rolling out weekly game nights, soon (with a tournament of champions to follow!) Play for free! Do it! Do it now!: Current games: Astro Ball new Doodle Up new Omega Pinch Read the Room Sumo Smash Word Hunt Word Hunt Bill Murray Wordy Waterway *Eventually, this group will be token-gated to NFT holders. Presently, it's open invite, so please only share the link with other BM1000 members, or at least, trusted friends/Chivers.

Posted by FreakinMike at 2023-12-08 21:30:25 UTC