Back in 2003, Bill Murray met George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival premiere of "Lost in Translation": The Night Murray Met Clooney "We met in Venice. “Lost in Translation” opened at the Venice Film Festival. You have to remember most of these Hollywood guys are stiffs but one night a year they end up on this island in Venice. They all drink a lot… I don't remember much. But George and I met and we hit it off and I went back home to America and my son says, "What's this about you and George Clooney pushing people around in wheelchairs in Venice?" And I said, "You're my son! I would have expected more from you than to believe that kind of a story. Why would you think something like that actually happened?" My son replied, "Because there are pictures." "So it seems George and I had been taking women around in wheelchairs and trying to dump them into this beautiful swimming pool. No, no, it was all a joke. They just got a rinse." Thirteen years later Clooney invited Bill back to Italy to third-wheel with him and Amal at a 4th of July fireworks celebration on Lake Como.

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